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  1. What does ASG do? ASG represents the students of Mission College by participating in various forums and committees, both on and off campus. They also:
    • Run their meetings through shared governance, similar to what the actual US Government does.
    • Sponsor and host events on campus
    • Sit on the WVM Board of Trustees meetings
    • Award $45,000 annually in scholarships to students of Mission College
  2. Who can be a Senator of ASG?
    • Every Mission College student enrolled in 6.0 units with a GPA of 2.0 or better and must not be on academic probation.
    • Attend a minimum of four ASG meetings prior to filling out a petition.
    • Join a shared governance committee.
    • Pass basic senate competency quiz.
  3. Why should I become an Officer or a Senator?There are numerous advantages to becoming an active ASG Officer or Senator:
    • You can gain valuable experience in areas of leadership skills, finance and activities coordination, as well as learning and understanding governmental and electoral procedures.
    • You get to play an active role in deciding how ASG allocates over $145,000 of its annual income.
    • ASG attends out of town conferences funded by the ASG student representation fee. Leadership and State Senate conferences teach students how to develop their leadership skills, build friendships with other student leaders across California, strengthen campus communities, and better themselves in the Senate. These conferences are fun, informative, and also provide valuable insight into organizational development.
  4. Who can attend ASG meetings? Meetings are open to all members of the public. ASG meetings follow parliamentary procedure in accordance with the ASG Bylaws and conducted under the Brown Act. Come by and check out how we work. You might like it and want to join!
  5. 5. Where can I read the ASG meeting minutes? Meeting minutes are publicly available to all and posted to the Minutes & Documents page of ASG website after ASG approval.


  6. 6. When and where are ASG meetings held? ASG meetings are held every Wednesday at 2:05pm in Campus Center room 215.
  7. 7. What is a Saint Squad Affiliate? A Saint assists in the planning, promoting and setting up and the cleanup events, while being affiliated with ASG and maybe not being able to attend all ASG weekly meetings.
  8. 8. Why should I become a Saint Squad Affiliate?
    • To meet people and develop new friendships while enhancing student life at Mission College.
    • Plus it's a lot of fun!
  9. 10. Where is the ASG office? It's directly above the Information Desk in the Campus Center; Room 202.
  10.  I have a really good idea for an activity, who can I share it with?
    • Swing by the ASB office and try to find an officer or a senator.
    • Attend an ASG meeting!
  11. Who do I contact if I want more information?Try contacting one of the officers listed on the site. If you can't get hold of anyone, contact Rachael Goldberg at 408-855-5407 or the Student Activities Assistant at 408-855-5406.