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For the fastest response, please fill out a Research Request form online:  

2017 Notice: So that you are aware, with the change to Banner/Argos, research requests may take longer to complete than they have in the past, as completely new scripts must be built in these new applications.  We encourage you to submit your research requests as far in advance as possible, and ask for your patience as we adapt to the new systems.

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The Mission College Research Team

Research Request Online Form

Alternatively, you may download a hardcopy Research Request form here:

Research Request Form and follow instructions on the form for how to submit your request.

Please be aware that some requests may be impacted by technical or time constraints; please send requests as early as possible. You may be contacted for additional information.

Priorities for Planning & Research

Information is a wonderful thing! Unfortunately, due to limited staffing we may not always be able to process your request. Please submit all requests as early as possible so that we can do all we can to assist you.

Priority for specific projects is determined based on how the request fits in with the following priorities:

  • Internal requests (from within Mission College and WVMCCD) will receive higher priority than requests from outside sources.
  • Projects related to state and federal requirements
  • Projects assigned by the President or Chancellor
  • Projects tied to external funding
  • Projects tied to college planning activities
  • Projects to improve educational success and curriculum
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If you have any questions, please contact the Research Office by emailing

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