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Advanced Piano Masterclass

Music 39 A,B,C,D
Advanced Piano Masterclass
Class meets on Monday nights from 7:00 - 9:05 PM at Mission College, Room MT-13. Go to the Mission College website for registration information or contact Joseph Ordaz at (408)855-5276

Upcoming student recital:
Monday, May 10, 2010; 6 PM

Featuring "The Music of Fredric Chopin"
Room: Telecommunications Building, Room 130, $5 Donation (Free admission for students)



Welcome to the Mission College Advanced Piano Masterclass Homepage. This class first began in the Fall semester of 1998 and held its first recital the following semester. Each semester, the class presents one or two recitals at the conclusion of the semester. The pictures below were taken of the classes starting with the Spring semester of 2000.(not all students pictured) The class has focused some semesters on a particular period , style, or composer of piano music. The following is a list of each semesters studies:

Spring 2000 - Open Repertiore(all composers)

Fall2000: Spring2001:
Fall 2000 - Baroque Keyboard composers / Spring 2001 - Piano Music of Beethoven

Fall2001: Spring2002:
Fall 2001 - Late Romantic Period composers / Spring 2002 - Piano Music of Mozart

Fall2002: Spring 2003:
Fall 2002 - Open Repertoire(all composers) / Spring 2003 - Piano Music of French Composers

Fall03: Fall 2003 - Open Repertoire(all composers)Spring2004:
Fall 2003 - Open Repertoire(all composers) / Spring 2004 - Keyboard Music of the Baroque Period
sum04: spring05:
Fall 2004 - Open Repertoire (all composers) / Spring 2005 - Virtuoso Composers: Chopin
fall05recital: pianos06:
Fall 2005 - Open Repertoire (all composers) / Spring 2006 - The Music of Mozart
pianofall06: recitalsp07:
Fall 2006 - Open Repertiore (all composers) / Spring 2007 - Late Romantic period

advpianofall07a.JPG: advpianospr08a.JPG:

Fall 2007 - Open Repertoire (all composers) / Spring 2008 - The Music of Beethoven

Fall 2008 - Open Repertoire (all composers)

The class has also had various guest performers visit the class and guest masterclass instructors including Jeffrey Seigel. Seymor Lipkin, Dr. Alfred Kanwischer,  Hans Boepple, Igor Resnianski, and Olga Kern, 2001 Cliburn Gold Medal winner.  Various class trips have been taken for better understanding and enjoyment of the music.  This includes a visit to the Center for Beethoven Studies at San Jose State University with a tour provided by Dr. William Meredith and Patricia Elliot.  The class has attended concerts and masterclasses by well known pianists such as Garrick Ohlsonn, Andre Watts, Murray Perahia, John Nakamatsu and Enrique Graf.

Olga Kern with student Jay Wang in masterclass   /   Class and Joseph Ordaz with Olga Kern Sp 03
graf1: boepple:
Students & Joseph Ordaz with Enrique Graf Fall 05 / Students with Hans Boepple, Fall 06
Students with Seymour Lipkin, Fall 07

The class meets on Monday nights from 7 - 9:05 PM at Mission College, Room MT-13. Go to the Mission College website for registration information or contact Joseph Ordaz at (408)855-5276.

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