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English As A Second Language

Posted by Myo Myint, 9/1/04 at 9:36:20 AM.

At Mission College since 2000 full time (since 1998 part-time)

B.A. (English) Institute of Education, Yangon, Myanmar
M.A. (Linguistics and TEFL) Institute of Education, Yangon, Myanmar 
Additional study National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand and National University, San Jose, California. 

Contact Information
Telephone: (408) 855-5316
Office Location:S2-403E

Office Hours: M 3:30 to 4, W 3:30 to 4:30, F 2:00 to 3:30 and by appointment


 Home page: 

Fall 2005 Courses

ESL 910LC Foundations in Learning and Culture Section # 37520

ESL 920 LC Beginning Listening and Culture Section # 37525

ESL 920 # 39354 Beginning ESL


Visit the department website for additional information:



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