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Study Skills Resources

If you have reviewed the material on the study skills links on the left, you have a good understanding of what actions you need to take to promote your success in mathematics. If you wish to continue to explore more ideas on studying, time-management and testing, below are additional resources: courses, books and websites.


Mission College Counseling Department offers:

  • Counseling 1: College Survival Skills (2 units)
  • Counseling 3: Strategies for Academic Excellence (3 units)
  • Counseling 5: Strategies for Success (3 units)

By taking these courses, you can learn about study skills in an interactive mode with instructors and your fellow students.


If you want to study on your own, the following books are recommended:

Winning at Math: Your Guide To Learning Mathematics Through Successful Study Skills, 5th edition. by Paul D. Nolting, Ph.D. Academic Success Press, Inc., 2008. wam5:
Managing the Mean Math Blues by Cheryl Ooten. Prentice Hall, 2003. mean:
MASTERING MATHEMATICS: How to Be A Great Math Student, 2nd ed. by Richard Manning Smith. Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1994. mm:
Becoming A Master Student, 12th ed. by Dave Ellis. Houghton Mifflin, 2007. bms12:


The internet has many addtional resources regarding study skills. Take some time each day to explore the websites below and look for tips that you can incorporate into your own life.

Study guides and strategies in many languages Chemeketa Community College
Virginia Tech University of St. Thomas
Loyola University Cynthia Arem
Math study skills Study skills videos!
Study Skills Resource page Texas A & M
UC Berkeley General study skills from UC Berkeley
Pacific Lutheran Albion College
Math Tutor Simpson College
Cal Poly Georgia Gwinnet College
Muskegum College learning strategies. City College of San Francisco study skills.
Siena College learning strategies.

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