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Extra Credit Section

Extra Credit Section:



THE FIRST 4 LINKS are general instructions and leads for your extra credit. MAKE SURE YOU AT LEAST SKIM THEM, especially Extra Credit Directions and Book List. Foothill students should read additional guidelines on extra credit (point value) in the syllabus.

Extra Credit Ideas and Source Guide

The Above Doc is useful but notice that if it's not listed on this page (below) it is no longer eligible source material for an ex cred report.

Extra Credit Directions and Book List Foothill students should read additional guidelines on extra credit (point value) in the syllabus.

MACRO OR MICRO Extra Credit Sources:

Economist Articles for Extra Credit (Make sure you adhere to the Micro or Macro label on each Economist Article listed.)

New Links

Updated URL for 1 link in above doc:

Topics for MACRO OR MICRO:

1. Write on any article by Pulitzer Prize-Winning Financial Writer Gretchen Morgenson:

2. Write on any article by Nobel Prize-Winning Columbia University Economics Professor Joseph Stiglitz:

3. PubPriv Update

It is advised to listen to this radio show: Putting Deregulation Back on the Table [03.04.08]

For more hundreds of editions of this daily radio show on a wide variety of news topics, it's


The above link from 2008 contains: "One area of government spending unique to North Dakota is the Bank of North Dakota, a commercial bank managed and operated by the state. The state has received approximately $30 million per year in profits from the Bank over the last ten years. Resembling a central bank in some respects, it was until recent weeks the only government-owned commercial bank in the United States."

5. Health Care$442_Million_for_Unnecessary_Heart_Surgeries_and_Procedures

6. Detailed Review of the Current Financial Crisis: (Online Book - hint, click full-screen view icon)

Topics for MACRO Only:

7. For the following link, think about this: the Great Depression was officially 1929-1933. Note the top marginal tax rate 1917-1980s, that rate in the 4 years before the Depression and during it, that rate in 1932 (the year before the economy began to recover), and that rate in the 1950s (our nation's highest period of productivity growth, considered about as good or even better than the productivity gains of the 1990s). What could explain what happened in each of these periods given what occured during each tax regime?

8. Campaign top economic advisers and analysis of fiscal policies: Quick Guide to Candidates' Economic Plans:

9. Current state of the economy:

10. Starvation in Africa Notice there are 5 pages you click over two at the foot of each page. The whole thing is interesting but especially the last 3 paragraphs on page 2.

Topics for MICRO Only:

11. Corporate Spin-offs

12. Article re: 70 (of the 90) million offshore acres oil industry already has are not producing oil:


14. Privatized Firefighters The whole article is interesting especially the section about the precursor to Firebreak and their industry, in the 1600's with the entrepreneurship of Nicholas Barbon.

15. Prison Privatizers

These next two mention the multiple escapes - the first article below is probably the best one:

Recent escapes in Arizona from a Management and Training Corp prison

16. Road/Highway/Bridge Privatization

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