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Health Occupations Department

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Welcome to my Mission College Web Page. I am a faculty member of the Health Occupations Department. For Fall Semester 2007, I will be teaching the B semester in the Vocational Nursing program. The following provides information for the courses that I will be teaching.

Contact Information:
Office: E2-201A
Office Hours:  
Wednesdays 2:00pm-3:00pm (at the clinical site)
                        Thursdays 2:00-3:00pm (at clinical site)
                        Fridays 12:30-2:30pm (on Mission College campus)
                        Other Hours by arrangement   
Office Phone Number: (408) 855-5340  
Pager number:
(408) 233-0827

Current Courses:
For Fall 2007 semester, I  will be teaching VN55B2 Cardiac Theory, VN55B2 Vascular Theory, and VN55B1 Medical Surgical Clinical.

Course Syllabus:

Cardiac Theory Syllabus updated 10/21/07

Vascular Theory Syllabus

Medical-surgical Clinical Syllabus

Course Timelines: (for specific course information regarding assignments and due dates)

Cardiac Theory Timeline Fall 2007

Vascular Theory Timeline Fall 2007  **Please note that all of the vascular theory assignments are available through the Angel Learning System

Assignment Worksheets:

Cardiac Theory Student Outline

Cardiac Theory Vocabulary Worksheet

Cardiac Theory Group Project

Group Project Instructor Grading Rubric

Group Project Student Grading Rubric

Cardiac Theory Group Project Assignment Topics

Cardiac Theory Article Review Assignment

Cardiac Theory Bonus Article

Cardiac Theory Bonus Article Assignment

Cardiac Theory Admission Ticket

Cardiac Theory Meds Publishing Assignment

Cardiac Disease Process Assignment

Cardiac Disease Process Grading Rubric

Vascular Theory Student Outline

Vascular Theory Vocabulary Worksheet

Vascular Theory Group Project

Vascular Theory Article Assignment

Vascular Theory Bonus Article

Article Grading Rubric

Blank Nursing Plan of Care Worksheet

Plan of Care Grading Rubric

Task Planning Worksheet

Weekly Evaluation Form

Medication Worksheet

Student Sign-off Report Form

**Please note: If you are utilizing the email option for clinical practicum assignments, the assignment must be posted no later than 11:00 pm on the date that it is due (refer to course syllabus for specific assignments and due dates). If you are utilizing the email option for theory assignments, the assignment must be posted no later than 10:15 am on the date that it is due (refer to theory timeline for specific assignments and due dates). I will email you a response as soon as I receive the assignment. If you do not receive an email stating that I received it, something went wrong and please try again. Also in order to further expedite the process, if you will add "VN theory" to the subject line, which will allow me to sort through my email faster. I will respond to email within a 48 hour period, barring any unforseen events.

Additional Resources:

Heart and Lung Sounds

Heart Animations

Cardiovascular Patient Teaching Information

Cardiovascular Disease Video Clips

Heart and Blood Vessel Basics

Hypertension Tutorial

Lung sounds

Milestones in Cardiology

Fall 2007 Grades:

"2007 Cardiac Theory Section Final Grades"

"2007 Vascular Theory Section Final Grades"

Visit the Health Occupations Department Web site for additional information: Health Occupations Department


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