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At Mission College since 1990


B.A. Philosophy-Psychology, San Jose State University,

M.S. Psychology, San Jose State University

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)

Contact Information: 

Phone: (408)855-5270 (office)  

Office Location: N1-101

Office Hours: by appointment

List of courses:

Psy 1 : General Psychology 

Syllabus Winter session 2014

Psy 1 ON LINE class Summer 2014

Psy 1 ONLINE Fall 2014

Instructions for accessing for Psy 1 videos

Psy 7 Online course: Physiological Psychology

Psychology 7 Syllabus Fall 2013

Psy 10 Online course: Social Psychology

Psy 10 online syllabus Fall 2014

Psy 12: Human Growth and Development

Psy 12 ONLINE Winter session 2014

Psy 12 ONLINE class Summer 2014

Psy 12 online syllabus Fall 2014

Psy 25 course: Abnormal Psychology

Psy 25 Online Class Fall 2014

How to access The World of Abnormal Psychology

Psy 30:  Psychology of Addiction and Substance Abuse

Psy 30 ONLINE class Fall 2014

Psy 30 ONLINE Syllabus Summer 2014

Psy 55 Online course: Psychology of Death and Dying

Psy 55 Syllabus Spring 2013

How to view Death: A Personal Understanding videos

Current Announcements:

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