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Clement Lam

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Kate Disney

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Engineering Department Fast Facts

Part-time Engineering Instructor Needed:

Do you have:

  • Strong background in engineering materials or materials science
  • Coursework in Engineering Graphics
  • Strong background in using computer tools
  • Experience using Solidworks or other 3D modeling tool
  • Knowledge of 3D printers
  • Teaching experience in Engineering and related fields
  • Coursework and/or experience in Engineering and related fields
  • Manufacturing processes experience
  • Experience with the design, implementation, or coordination of STEM-related projects or initiatives

Instructor opening 

What do Engineers Do?

Engineers are problem solvers.  Engineers use their background in math, science, and engineering to solve technical problems that satisfy human needs or wants.  Engineers figure out how to design and make new products or develop large-scale systems (such as a transportation system or a water treatment plant).

Engineering problems usually involve teams of people, so engineers must work well with others and communicate effectively.

Most engineering jobs are fulfilling because engineering work tends to be important to the well being of others.  Engineering is often a “helping profession”.  Engineers create the future technology that all of us will live with.

If you want to shape your world and you like making a difference in peoples’ lives – an engineering major could be the perfect academic program for you!

Why Study Engineering at Mission College?

There are over 25 engineering specialties, with more added each year.  Many new areas bridge gaps between more established majors.  For example, Mechatronics combines electrical, mechanical, and software engineering. 

Mission College is a great place to begin most engineering programs.

Mission College is an accredited two-year California Community College.  We offer students the lower division coursework they will need for the majority of engineering majors.  Students from Mission College transfer to four-year baccalaureate-granting schools after completing their lower division coursework.  This process takes most students two to three years.

 chart of engineering pathways 

Other Reasons to study engineering at Mission College
  • Mission College transfer students report being well prepared for their upper division coursework. 
  • Class sizes range from 20-32. 
  • Many opportunities to explore and take different courses. 
  • Friendly and Supportive environment. 
Courses Offered

ENGR 3, How Stuff Works, on-demand
ENGR10, Intro to Engineering, Fall and Spring
ENGR 23, Engineering Mechanics - Statics, Fall
ENGR 24, Intro to Circut Analysis, Fall and Spring
ENGR 24L, Circuit Analysis Lab, Fall and Spring
ENGR 25, Engineering Graphic Design, Fall
ENGR 26, Engineering Materials, Spring
ENGR 30, Programming for Engineers (C++), Spring
Mixed signal circuits, Circuits Lab exposing students to common industry tools and circuits with analog and digital signals, offered in the summer