DSPS Services


Students do not need to have a learning or physical challenge to enroll in classes offered by the Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) Department, however, in order to receive ongoing services such as notetaking, test-taking accommodations, etc., students must have written verification of an eligible disability.

Adapted Kinesiology (P. E.) Courses

KIN 001A    Adapted Weight Training
Adapted physical education program handled by a specialist to design physical education programs for students with physical or mental challenges. 

KIN 001C    Adapted Aerobics
This course is designed to introduce and teach skills needed for daily cardiovascular activity through the use of rhythmic aerobics for students with physical or mental challenges.

KIN 001D    Adapted Tennis
This course is designed to introduce and teach skills needed to participate in the sport of Tennis for students with physical and mental challenges.


Learning Services Courses

Learning Services Course Descriptions

LS 910   Learning Strategies Lab for Library Competency
(co-requisite with LIB 010) 

This lab serves as a practice time for students with learning challenges and/or different learning styles to become proficient in the co-requisite course LIB 010 Information Competency. Students may not take this course unless they are also enrolled in LIB 010.                                

Credit/No Credit Option. 1.0 Unit

LS 940   Learning Strategies in Expressive Language
This course stresses the practical application of compensatory strategies for students with expressive language challenges.   Students can take this alone or in conjunction with another writing course.                                 

Credit/No Credit Option. 3.0 Units

LS 941  Learning Strategies for the Learning Challenged Student
This is an introductory course stressing learning compensatory strategies for students with various learning challenges.

Credit/No Credit Option. 3.0 Units

LS 942  Math Strategies for the Learning Challenged Student
This course is an introduction to Pre-Algebra and Mathematics learning strategies for students with Math learning challenges who have had difficulty mastering the basic operational concepts of fractions, decimals and percentages, and applying them to Algebra concepts.
Credit/No Credit Option. 3.0 Units

LS 943  Adapted Computer Basics and Basic Keyboard
An introductory course designed for students with learning or physical challenges to access and navigate the college Course Management System (ANGEL). Additionally it will expose students to the use of specialized adapted software designed to meet specific needs in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math. This course is to prepare students for general college coursework.
Credit/No Credit Option. 3.0 Units

LS 950 Learning Strategies Lab for the Learning Challenged
This course is designed to offer students with learning challenges an opportunity to practice compensatory strategy techniques in a laboratory setting.
Credit/No Credit Only. 1.0 Unit

Academic Support (with approval)
  • Note takers
  • Readers/Scribes
  • Test-taking arrangements
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Real-time captioners
  • Liaison with faculty/community
  • Orientation
  • Priority registration
  • Tutoring (small group)

  • Faculty
  • Campus programs
  • Community resources
  • Agencies

Specialized Equipment
  • Digital recorders
  • Closed circuit TV magnifier
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Electronic spellers
  • Computer Access List:
    • Screen Readers
    • Large Print Displays
    • Scan and Read Programs
    • Speech Recognition
    • Braille Translator/Embosser
    • Word Prediction with Speech
    • Adapted Keyboard Access
    • Mouse Alternatives
    • Adapted Devices

Note: Students who need temporary parking arrangements should call the Mission College Police Department. Telephone: 408-855-5435.

Online Learning

Students with eligible disabilities taking distance education courses or hybrid courses (combination of some on-campus and some online coursework) are entitled to the same accommodations for access, test-taking and/or assistive technology as they would receive for courses held entirely on-campus.