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Catherine Cox

Collection Development Librarian
At Mission College since 1994

OFFICE: Library
PHONE: 408/855-5165
(Students - please email me using ANGEL if you need a prompt response!)

Fall 2012 During Fall 2012 I will be working at the Library's Information Desk (Reference Desk) the following hours:

  • Monday 5:00 - 8:30
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 4:00 and 5:00 - 6:00
  • Thursday 9:00 - 12:00
When I'm not on the desk, I'm liable to be in meetings somewhere else on campus. However, you can always ask for me at the circulation desk, and if I'm in the building the staff will locate me. I'm happy to work with students whenever I'm not in a meeting.

Fall 2012:
Library 10, Basic Information Competency

  • Section 21871 - Mondays, 10:55-12:00
  • Section 21874 - Wednesdays, 10:55-12:00

(Click here for more information about this class.)

This is a very fast-paced class, and you will have a lot of homework, but this may be the best one-unit class you ever take! Most of my students in past sections have told me that they wish they'd taken it during their first semester, because it would have made all their other classes sooooo much easier!

Master's in Library and Information Science, U.C. Berkeley
Bachelor's in Social Science, San Jose State University

I've been here at Mission College since 1994 (part-time and full-time). As the Public Access Librarian, I coordinate the circulation desk, reserves, and other public access areas of the library. I've been teaching library research since the early 1990's, well before the World Wide Web became a part of everyday life. Computers have made research much easier (you can find articles at midnight Saturday night when your paper is due Monday morning!) but they've also made it necessary for users to know what they're doing (you can end up with five million sites' worth of garbage!)

I'm currently chair of the college Curriculum Review Committee, which helps faculty all over the college to develop and revise courses and academic programs. I'm active in college governance, as well, and I serve on several campus committees. I'm a strong believer in academic freedom and freedom of speech, as well as academic responsibility and integrity.

When I'm not online or hanging out in the library, I read sci-fi and psychology, sing folk songs, work in my garden, crochet, and create jewelry. I also have two kids who went through West Valley's Middle College program and who are now at CSU.
Posted by Cathy Cox on 2/19/08; 1:25:33 PM from the dept.


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